What a month! I loved every moment of my OVERLY busy life last  month.(ok,..there were a few moments of uh-oh..can i do this, am I in over my head?)

But I would never take it back…Have I ever mentioned that I have a full time job?

 WELL, I DO!! 🙂

Not mentioning it so you can take pity on me…ok, well just a little 🙂

but the reason I mention it is because my job means a lot to me and WE ARE ON TO BIG THINGS right now so being fully engaged there is A MUST as well as my growing “business”!


I have learned that filling my schedule with what I love makes me happy, but there must be a balance.

WITHOUT BALANCE then doing what I love just becomes a JOB, and I DON’T EVER WANT THAT!

I am so excited for the future of Lens of Charisma and appreciative of all the support that people have given me.

And everytime I review images I have taken I am just as in awe of each one of them as I hope you would be too. My little time spent with each client is a memory captured forever in my heart too and those images bring warmth to my heart each time I look at them.



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Told ya’ ….Lots of babies!!  GUSH–love them!!


Life in a month…


I wanted to share images from the past month of shooting. And I got to thinking, wow, all the sessions represent different moments in peoples lives. Each and every session was sooo different and yet they are all similar.

We live in a very FASSSSSSSSSST world!

Taking the small amount of time to go out and take picture and cuddle and sit on each others laps brings the family back together. And then these moment are captured FOREVER! You will forget the tiny disagreements you’ve had, the obstacles set in your way, you will look at the pictures and remember, I LOVE MY FAMILY.

That being said the Fall Mini sessions were a hit. We were able to enjoy decent weather and with the help of trusty editing, the results made for beautiful “FALL” images.Thank you everyone that came out and shared a little piece of their family with me. Each session makes a memory for me too.

It was a great month and I am sooo excited to share December’s love with you soon. Babies are the blessing of this month!

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It was a great month and I am sooo excited to share December’s love with you soon. Babies are the blessing of this month!

BABIES, More Babies, and More Babies


I began my photography adventures at a chain studio, where the majority of appointment were children and families.  We each, all of the associates were taught to “PLAY”; typically there is one shooter and the “player” get’s the child’s attention and the smiles. This is actually a VERY STRATEGIC part of the SESSION and can MAKE OR BRAKE your shoot. So, you wanna be a good “player” as well have a good player..Makes getting the shots easier and keeps the session flowing.

Well, it’s been awhile since I have had to “PLAY” but, I have been reinstated as a “PLAYER”.

My own personal “player” actually…SO I BETTER BE GOOD!!

HEHE, well anyways I have thoroughly enjoyed my re-instated assignment from myself. The last few shoots I have been on have brought back flying monkeys, sneezing, silly noises and who know what other methods I have whipped out of my hat…It’s all worth the shot, and instilling a little bit of humility every now and then can’t hurt, right?

Wish you could see my face as I wrote that?  {one or both eyebrows may have been raised}

This journey has really been a rollercoaster ride but I’m gonna

“PUT MY HANDS UP” and enjoy the ride!! PTL!! (Praise the Lord)

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A Summer with Vignette.


I know most of you have a smart phone. Most of you prolly’ have an iPhone;

which, let me take the opportunity to say WE ARE ENEMIES, just kidding 🙂

(I’m a droid lover)

But if you have either of the mentioned phones you have access to


LU-HUV my vignette app…

{most of you may use INSTAGRAM (BOO, iPhone :)) }

and they do about the same thing.

 Take pictures… and instantaneously edit them in different “themes” and looks.  

Vintage-Sepia would happen to be my favorite!!

These APPS allow you to become your own photographer as well as create custom looks for all your images.

This can be helpful if you are not proficient in photoshop or editing sofware! You can still have amazind memories captured!

These are some candid shots I took on our summer trip to South Padre Island.

These pictures are FRAME WORTHY,

if I say so myself!!!

And no photoshop, click straining, time consuming editing needed. Just a tap of the finger…

AHHH, thank you world of everything being convenient and immediate…

Such a LOVE, HATE relationship!!

A blog shoot….


I don’t know if you are new to blogland….

But it’s kinda a big deal….

I mean, like you can totally impact lives and it can change your own..


There is a WILDLY ACCEPTING sense of family out there, it is like people are able to drop their barriers and walls and present their true selves (THEY ARE WARM AND WELCOMING, ENCOURAGING, AND SUPPORTIVE..YA, IT REALLY EXISTS) 

Bloggers even are able to express themselves without judgement and being afraid of crticism that they may experience in “REAL LIFE”

{that can kind of sound wrong, but what I mean is that if you love to write or love to be funny, love fashion, or  but are too shy or embarrassed to discuss it with your friends, chances are someone out there shares you same interest and would love to share these likes with you…bloggers seem to use writing and blogs as an avenue to gain confidence and be who they aspire to be.}

Believe it or not, I have seen it already many times in my short 4 years of exploring blogland. I have seen girls make careers of blogs, Or a blog driving  them in a new avenue of interest that they never would have suspected to find themselves in.  It is such an AMAZING way to express yourself and an AWESOME way to use our FREEDOM of information.  FOR GOOD, of course.. 🙂

Anywhoooo, the subject hits closer to home now that many friends write blogs and many of them have taken avenues of interest through this new type of media and


I got the chance to do my first “BLOG SHOOT”

These images will be used for a blog to display the personality of the client (my sister in law)

and the personality and brand of the blog itself.

 I totally may be over analyzing it ( I always do) but I was thinking that the images had to be a certain way and they couldn’t not fit the image… I JUST HAD A VISION!!

This shoot was for SPLENDOR, a blog and shop….that is awesome!

Visit the blog here: www.bitsofsplendor.com

and the shop here:http://www.splendorshop.com/   where you can find all kinds of vintage-y jewelry goodness.

And plus 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Speak Louder Project which you MUST read about and see how you can get involved.


We were going for



 and FUN…..Hope I met that for her…

I love the way these images came out….

It was a new style of editing for me…


Muted tones..with lots of green and red, with lots of textures. Oh, this was a fun set to edit! 


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