A Summer with Vignette.


I know most of you have a smart phone. Most of you prolly’ have an iPhone;

which, let me take the opportunity to say WE ARE ENEMIES, just kidding 🙂

(I’m a droid lover)

But if you have either of the mentioned phones you have access to


LU-HUV my vignette app…

{most of you may use INSTAGRAM (BOO, iPhone :)) }

and they do about the same thing.

 Take pictures… and instantaneously edit them in different “themes” and looks.  

Vintage-Sepia would happen to be my favorite!!

These APPS allow you to become your own photographer as well as create custom looks for all your images.

This can be helpful if you are not proficient in photoshop or editing sofware! You can still have amazind memories captured!

These are some candid shots I took on our summer trip to South Padre Island.

These pictures are FRAME WORTHY,

if I say so myself!!!

And no photoshop, click straining, time consuming editing needed. Just a tap of the finger…

AHHH, thank you world of everything being convenient and immediate…

Such a LOVE, HATE relationship!!


About lensofcharisma

Charisma: (Greek "kharisma," meaning "gift," "of/from/favored by God/the divine") I love to take pictures, I love to catch memories. I kinda' stumbled on photography and believe it is a gift. This is where the name Lens of Charisma came from. The pictures come from a favored lens that portrays everything beautifully, I just edit what was already beautiful.

Thank you very much for peeking around..I Eat up your comments!

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